Join us Tuesday Jan. 8th for our first Dive club meeting of the new year.  The meeting starts at 7pm at PSDC. The meetings are free and open to ages 10 and up. We only ask that everyone bring a small snack to share with the group.

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2020 Club Boat Dives: Open to all divers (need cold water experience and must not need a refresher) Space is limited so reserve your place by calling the shop and paying over the phone. Pro Scuba Dive Center will provide free tank rentals (while supply lasts) or free tank fills for those using their own tanks. 


Sunday March 29th,  $100  


Sunday May 31st, $95

Sunday Aug. 30th, $95

Saturday Oct. 31st, $95


Scuba Squad Club Dives News

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​​ Club Meeting, Tuesday January 14 at 7pm: As a dealer for both Scubapro and Sealife products in the West Coast Region, we receive regular (and very thorough) staff update seminars. These cover their newest specialized equipment, innovations, proper assembly and usage of the individual components, and future dive industry trends. This year both manufacturers are bringing out some exceptional items, which are just hitting the market now.

The factory representative will be at our club meeting this coming Tuesday with this annual update, bringing many new items, including their latest computer, the heads-up-display (HUD) module, a number of new Scubapro products, and the newest, most innovative UW camera on the market.

He will also be briefly discussing some of the changes in the overall dive market and how it applies to instruction.

The representative is also bringing ten $20 gift certificates to be raffled off for those in attendance (great odds!) 

These have always been a great learning experience for our staff; we think you may also find it both useful and interesting.

This event like all club meetings is free. We only ask that everyone brings a small snack to share with the group. Kids who are over 10 are welcome.