You’ll start off with the NAUI home study e-learning program in the convenience of your own home. Once completed, your instructor will meet with you for your first classroom session. Your instructor will talk about dive equipment, the science of diving, responsible diving practices and the environment. Then it’s off to be fitted for your SCUBA dive gear! Following the classroom sessions you will learn many skills in the water with practice time for your safety and comfort. Your course will conclude your training in Monterey Bay with a minimum of five open water dives!

Advanced Scuba Diver 

Course $500

Cost breakdown: Class Fee $250/ Education Kit $125/ Instructor Fee (paid to the instructor) $150
Cost of course includes tuition and materials (e-learning). You will complete 6 dives, two of the dives will be from a Monterey charter dive boat. 

Rental equipment is not included in the class cost, but a special there is a special package of $100 for the entire class. The rental fee can further be reduced to $50 if you purchase your require advanced equipment at Pro Scuba (see below)
**Students must provide flashlight, tank light and a cutting device
*Special Student Discount on Rental Equipment
​/$100  **All students who are not NAUI certified or who were not certified at PSDC may be required to do a pool session to review or learn basic rescue skills. The pool session would be at an additional cost to the students.

Rescue Diver 

Price: $400.00

Cost break down/ Instructor fee (paid to the instructor first session) $125/ Education Kit $100/ Class Fee $175
Course includes:

Classroom Review

 Pool Training

 Ocean Training

 Scuba Tanks for Pool and Ocean Training Provided in the class fee. All other rentals are charged at the normal rate.

Student Education Kit  

Instructor fee Paid to instructor first class meeting / materials fee

Into to Tech is taught under the NAUITec technical diving division. The Intro To Tech course is an introduction to the rigors of technical diving, and has a strong curriculum of skills development. Key aspects of the course are buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques.​

Divers will learn use of a backplate diving system with double cylinders in the NAUI Technical Equipment Configuration (NTEC), pay meticulous attention to dive planning, gear configuration and fundamental dives skills. Course includes supervised gear selection and rigging, diving academics, and video based diver training.


Completion of the NAUI Intro to Tech course allows progression to exciting training opportunities including decompression diving, wreck penetration, cave diving, ice diving, technical sidemount diving, and mine diving.

Nitrox Diver 

Academic Course: $75.00 (paid to the instructor first class)
Student Education Kit $125.00


Health Care Provider                                                                                                    $100 / $65

Introduction to Technical Diving (Intro to Tech)

NAUI Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver In Three Easy Steps!

Learn to dive the fun and easy way with our beginning scuba course. You'll become a certified scuba diver using our enjoyable and modern dive-training program. Classes are available year-round, and you can start right away. See how easy learning to dive really is!

Certified Scuba Diver - total is $795 (see below for the break down)

Class fee/ $495   Education Kit/ $125   Instructor Fee(paid to the instructor at the first session)/$175 
Requirements/Age: Must be 10 years or Older

Course Includes:

  •    NAUI Diver Education Kit
  •     Pool & Classroom Training
  •     5 Ocean Dives
  •    Instructor fees
  •     Pool Fees
  •     NAUI Certification Fees
  •     E-Learning Program ($180 value)
  •     Complete Rental SCUBA Equipment for all pool and ocean setting.

Students Must Provide:

  • Snorkeling Equipment (includes mask, fins, snorkel, gloves, booties and weight belt for soft weights)
  • Completed Medical Questionnaire.
  • Passing score on the swim skills evaluation.​

We also offer a full line of private and semi- private training opportunities, perfect for the diver who needs an accelerated diving program or has complex schedule.

Private Instruction (1 diver)$2,000 - your schedule is ours
Semi-Private (up to 4 divers)$1,750- per person - flexible schedule


      $125  / $100


Emergency Oxygen Provider                                                                                      $85 /  $65   


We strive to provide you with the best experience possible. From the day you start training with us, to the day you get certified, your instructor will be there every step of the way. With a NAUI training program you will not only learn basic skills commonly found in other basic dive programs, but you will learn new skills in rescue and problem solving which are not found in other basic level dive certification programs. We believe these skills are essential to your personal comfort and lead to enjoying this sport for a lifetime. You wont find us cutting any corner and there are no minimum wage instructors here! We also do not have any hidden fees for Instructors, certification cards, or pool and gear rental.

Once you become a certified diver, perhaps you want to further your training with our Advanced Scuba Diver course? Perhaps you want to become a dive professional and go all the way to Dive Master or even become an Instructor! Whatever your scuba and skin diving needs, we can help you realize your dreams! We teach all levels of dive instruction with both group and private training opportunities!


Basic Life Support                                                                                                         $100 / $65

Eligible divers must be NAUI Scuba Diver certified (or equivalent), NAUI Nitrox Diver certified (or equivalent) with 10 logged nitrox dives, an experienced drysuit diver and be 15 years of age. Technical dive equipment is available for rent from Pro Scuba Dive Center.

Course includes instruction, materials, 6 hours of pool training and certification costs. Students are responsible for their own gear and consumables, including equipment rental, gas, batteries, etc.  


Call for current pricing


Diving First Aid for the Pro

​​(831) 431-6824


Diving Emergency Management Provider                                                          $125 /  $100

First Aid/ CPR/ AED/ O2 For The Professional