7mm Wetsuit              $15 a day

5mm hooded vest     $10 a day

Hood                              $10 a day

Regulator Console    $30 a day

Computer(limited)   $20 a day

Weight Belt                 $10 a day

Soft weights               $10 a day 

BC                                  $30 a day

Boat Bag                      $5 a day

Services and Rentals

Scuba Rentals:

Cold Water Package (BC/ Reg Unit with computer and compass/ wetsuit/ Hooded vest/ weight belt/ weights/ two HP 80's)

  • 1 day- $75   


All our rental equipment is


We are the only store in Santa Cruz County that offers a women's BC for rental and instruction. Our BC rentals are Scuba Pros Lady Hawks and Knight Hawks that are equipped with the Air II. Rental Regulators are all Scuba Pro quality units with the XP10 computer and compass. You will enjoy our HP Steel Tanks in 100/ 80/ or 65. Your rental tanks will be filled to 3440 psi. We are an Authorized dealer for Scuba Pro and offer warranty service on Scuba Pro Equipment.

Tank Rental:

Both Yoke & DIN styles are available
Two HP Steel 80's

  • 1 day- $20.00

Our Tanks are all High Pressure Steel with Pro Valves that can be easily converted to DIN.

HP 65          $8  a day

HP 100        $12.50 a day

Nitrox 80 (32%)    $20 a day

Nitrox 100 (32%)  $22 a day

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